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Trumpacabra - 2016 White T-shirt - President Trump as Evil Chupacabra Shirt

There is a lizard man in the White House and acting as the President of the United States, the hated Trumpacabra has gained power and must be stopped.

We are going to consolidate information about upcoming protest and events through and promote small scale enterprises around the country to sell anti-Trump buttons, hats and t-shirts.

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Tales of the TrumpacabraTales of the TrumpacabraDuring the invasions of the New World by the European cultures as they migrated from to the Western World through South America in the 1500's, the cultural adaptation to the native peoples was not progressing as expected. The religious systems of the Christian cultures were adapted and the local leaders of the people collaborated with a plan to merge the beliefs through a ritual of dissection and breeding. The omnipotence of the newcomers could not be recognized without a spiritual representative Being that could be seen, and therefore incorporated into the societies themselves.

A crude attempt to breed and sacrifice a Being, made from Lizard, Dog and Human was achieved through questionable means, but the result was living "thing" that was held up to prove it's existence then cast into a pit of hell by the new religious leaders to symbolize the strength of the newcomers to conquer all things. This helped the local tribes adapt to the new rulers, albeit this was a temporary display that was not supposed to have any lasting consequences besides setting up the Christian religious order. In it's initial stages it worked as the invaders moved from throughout the territories of the continent.

Each time this hybrid ritual was performed a short-lived beast of sorts was created with the human features and it was destined to be destroyed, but the animal had the claws of a lizard and often as it dissappeared into the earth, it grasped the walls of the pit and quickly dug a hole in the sides of the walls and escaped the burning below. After the fire cooled and crowds dispersed the animal escaped into the wild.

In region after region this ritual was performed and unbeknownst to the priest of both cultures these lizard humans were growing in quantity in the Jungles. The animals had a high-pitched larynx and could find each other and began to follow the ceremonial proceedings to quickly save the newly minted hybrid to their pack. The migration continued while behind the scenes the population of the mutants grew. The ceremonies were called a "Cabra" and the adaption process of converting a local culture was considered a "Trumping" in both dialects. Once the results of this practice was discovered the ceremonies were halted before more of the beast could be manifested. The uppermost natural barrier of the Southern continent was the stopping point for the ceremonies in 1547.

These animals were considered an evil beast, but without any natural enemies in the wild it quickly decided that taking over the cultures that created it was it's purpose of existence. As such it also was feared and a group of hunters were created to eliminate any of these creatures from existence. These beast were named the Trumpacabra.


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